WSOP 2015 kicks off - first bracelet won by Brandon Barnette

WSOPThe annual World Series of Poker, the most important poker series of the year, has kicked off. IN Las Vegas, USA, attracts poker fans from all over the world. Today there are four tournaments, one of which has already ended. The tournament for those who work in the gambling industry - casino employees, poker clubs, opens the WSOP 2015 series. Casino Employees No-Limit Hold'em is the name of the first event on this poker holiday, with an entry fee of $565 gathered 688 players at the tables. He celebrated the victory in it Brandon Barnette, $75K winner and a WSOP bracelet.

Brandon barnette
Final Results Event #1 - $565 Casino Employees No-Limit Hold'em:

1 place - Brandon barnette + $75’704
2nd place - Greg seiden + $46’735
3rd place - Zachary seufert + $30’382
4th place - Gary kochalka + $22’315
5th place - Michael kahn + $16’622
6th place - Aiping xue + $12’542
7th place - Thomas Mcfadden + $9’573
8th place - Phi tran + $7’389
9th place - Chris jones + $5’762

In the second event - $5'000 Hold'em there were no players left. Flew out Dmitry Chop, Ilya Krupin and Artem Metalidi.

In tournament #3 - $1'500 Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better, many of our players started today - Andrey Zaichenko, Alexander Kostritsyn, Vladimir Shchemelev, Alex Kravchenko and Sergey Rybachenko.

The winner won his table in the shootout tournament for $3'000 EPT San Remo 2011 Andrey Pateychuk. Eugene Katchalov came heads-up at his table but lost.

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