How Unibet Poker compares favorably with other poker rooms

Unibet Poker is a poker room that until 2015 was part of the acclaimed gaming concern Microgaming MPN. The core of poker players has formed in it, and the number of new players is steadily growing. The poker room is focused mainly on the countries of Europe and Scandinavia.

Unibet Poker - what is it - the official site of the poker room Unibet Poker with an interface in Russian. If you are having difficulty accessing it, you can use VPN programs.official site of the room Unibet Poker

The inability to independently select a table for the game is a key feature of the poker room. It has a number of pros and cons:

  • The system independently determines the level of the poker player, so players with approximately the same skill level gather at the table;
  • You cannot be with weak players at the table, so regular visitors to the room will never be bored;
  • At least 1000 poker players are simultaneously playing at the table for money;
  • During peak hours of visiting the poker room, the number of players increases on average 3.5-4 times.

According to statistics, the maximum number of players gather in the poker room between 20:00 and 01:00 on weekdays and weekends.

What about the quality of the software

Unibet Poker has three basic start options:

  1. The poker player can start PC game online without downloading additional programs;
  2. Regular visitors to the poker room can download PC client and sit down at the table without loading a browser;
  3. To enjoy poker at any time, you can download client for iOS or Android.

The developers of the poker room have created very convenient applications with an unusual interface. If desired, poker players can choose a beautiful avatar, the color of the back of the cards and the table.

The functional content deserves special attention. You can change the application parameters to quickly find the required distribution. The developers have also taken care of the settings for the alerts.

Variety of tournaments and tables

The room is intended for both beginners and professional poker players. There are 3 types of games in the arsenal of the poker room:

  • Omaha;
  • Banzai;
  • Texas Hold'em.

The limits at the tables are modest - from 0.02-0.04 €, and the maximum bet does not exceed 4 €. Therefore, Unibet Poker will become a good springboard for training and raising the level of professionalism.types of games in the poker room Unibet Poker

But real pros won't be bored either. Recently, the site's management decided to revamp the tournament system in the poker room. Fresh series have already appeared and prize funds have increased significantly.

A little about games:

  • In winter 2018, the Unibet Online Series tournament was launched with a prize pool of € 3,00,000;
  • On Sundays, the poker room hosts a Sunday Supernova with a prize pool of € 20,000;
  • On weekdays and weekends, Unibet Poker offers different series with a limit of 0.05 to 50 €.

From time to time, the site's management holds interesting live tournaments in various European cities. True, a series ticket costs 2000 €. But if they wish, poker players can compete for an invite in satellites. They are often held at Unibet Poker, so everyone has a chance to get the coveted ticket to the live tournament.

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