Why start playing at Poker Stars?

The PokerStars review will help a beginner to learn about the features of the room and decide for himself whether to start a career on this particular platform. Let's highlight a number of features that any resource for playing poker should have:

  • Availability... The ability to enter the lobby from any country;
  • Safety... Since you will keep your savings on the account of the room, it is important to know that no one will steal the money;
  • Legality... It is worth making sure that the platform has a legal basis to provide services on the Internet.

Poker Stars has all of the above advantages. Room Pokerstars ranks first in the world ranking of poker sites and can not fail to meet the requirements. Let's highlight some other advantages of the resource.


You will be able to enter the room through the gaming software. This is more convenient than using the browser version. The standalone application has wider functionality, faster operating speed, the ability to customize the interface and other parameters.

It is possible to play through a client for a computer and a phone. The smartphone app allows you to enjoy poker anytime. Game accounts will be synced.

Playing field

Due to the popularity of the site, there can be no traffic problems. You can always find opponents in the room, regardless of time. Moreover, there will be quite weak opponents at low limits - at such tables it will be possible to raise the initial level, learn the basics.

There are also more serious hands, where each bet exceeds a hundred dollars. It is better to play at such tables if you have already mastered the game. To get acquainted with the room and gain knowledge about the course of distribution and the rules, you can go to the tables for play chips.

Technical support

When playing for money, it is always important to know that in case of any technical problems, they can help you. If your transaction does not go through, you did not receive a bonus or prize for the tournament, you cannot pass verification - please contact the PokerStars support service.

You can write a letter to the technical staff, call or contact the workers via chat. Moreover, you can communicate in Russian. The answer comes quickly, especially if you have correctly and thoroughly told about your problem.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds

If you intend to play poker for a long time, then you should choose a platform with an established transaction system. Poker Stars offers a wide range of payment systems for transfers: debit cards, bank transfers, online systems.

The limits will depend on the chosen method. Commissions are charged only for translation services, the room itself does not take any costs.


Room users will receive generous bonuses from the room. After registration, players will be able to complete special missions for which rewards are awarded. This could be tournament tickets or money.

After the first deposit, you can also get a reward - $ 30 bonus for $ 20 or more.

Another option is to double your first deposit up to 600 dollars... This is a wagering bonus. You will have to play at tables for real money, earn points and exchange them for free accruals.

In addition, a loyalty program has been developed in the room. You can earn points, complete missions and level up the system. For raising the level, you will receive chests. Open them for rewards!

We hope the PokerStars review will allow you to make the right choice of a poker room to start your career!

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