Live video broadcasts 1xBet

Today the bookmaker (BC) 1xBet offers its customers live sports broadcasts on its website. Now the bettor does not need to search for the match of interest on the Internet or on a satellite; you can follow a sports event on a computer, laptop and even a smartphone in real time.

Watch and put

The service of live video broadcast of fights is very popular in 1xBet BC. Betters can not only watch the match, but also place their bets in real time on one page. BK does not shoot video of sports events, but takes pictures from sports channels, glossing over the logo of the broadcasting company. The client does not care where the video is taken, the main thing is the image quality and efficiency.

It is much easier to play during the match when the whole situation is in front of you on the field or on the playing court. An experienced bettor, carefully following the game, will accurately determine the winner. If a goal is brewing, then it can be seen with the naked eye.

How to start a broadcast on the BC website

In order to start a live video broadcast on the site, you need to sequentially perform the following steps:

  • Log in with username and password on the official website of the bookmaker
  • Select an event on which bets are accepted during the game
  • Click on special line icon - monitor

What requirements must be met to watch online video on the BC website

The administration of the resource cannot meet the needs of everyone who wants to watch video broadcasts, from such a load the BC server will simply fall down. In order to get guaranteed access to viewing sports events, you must:

  • Register now in BC 1xBet
  • Make at least a minimum deposit to your gaming account. If the account is in rubles, then this amount must be at least 30 rubles.
  • Install video viewing software - Adobe Flash Plauer, which can be downloaded from the BC website. This is one of the most essential and common programs for modern computers, and as a rule, this player is already installed on most PCs.

What sports events are broadcast on the BC website

The administration of 1xBet bookmaker tries to provide video broadcasting of all events that are given in the line during the match. If technically possible, customers can watch live matches of football, basketball, hockey teams. Online you can also follow volleyball matches, tennis, martial arts and races. Recently, esports has been gaining popularity, therefore, the battles of Konstrukstrike and Dota-2 are being broadcasted more and more often. It all depends on the demand for the sporting event. If the match is of interest to betters, it will definitely appear in the video broadcast.

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