Strategy for playing in Spin & Go tournaments; at PokerStars

Member of the Team Pro Online Pro Team Pokerstars Andre Coimbra, playing as "acoimbra", shares his advice on strategy for playing Spin & Go tournaments; on PokerStars, which you can play a plus, as proven by another pro with his marathon.

A little about Spin & Go tournaments;.

Before the start of the tournament, the prize pool is randomly selected in the range from 2 to 3'600 buy-ins. Only the winner gets the prize, except in cases with a maximum multiplier of 3'600 (everyone gets prizes in it, but the winner is still more).

Each player gets 500 chips at the start, the blinds go up every 3 minutes and start at 10/20, which means you only have 25bb in your stack.

Now you can get down to the advice of Andre Coimbra.

When you have 18-25BB

The stack allows you to play completely free. I prefer 2BB raises from the button and 2.5BB from the small blind. This is due to the presence of a position on the button and its absence on the small blind.

In 3-bet pots, the pot will already have at least 10bb, and the players only have twice the stack. Virtually no postflop, which means you should have AK / AQ, suited connectors and pairs 77 or better. Playing with low pairs in 3 pots is not profitable.

When you have 15-18BB

If you decide to 3-bet with such a stack, then your next action is only all-in, since you have too few chips left in your stack. And putting all-in first increases the chance of winning the hand. With this stack, do not 4-bet, let alone 3-bet, if you are not ready to put all-in later.

When you have 10-15BB

If you decide to raise, you make it as small as 2bb. It is this bet that will give your optimal risk / reward ratio and there will still be an option for you - fold. If with such stacks there are only three players in the game and you are in the small blind, and the button has folded, then I strongly advise you to bet all your chips. If there are two of you, it's best to try to see as many flops as possible.

When you have less than 10BB

Once you have so few chips left, all you have to do is check the big blind, all-in and fold.

It is worth weighing decisions when you raise preflop, on which your opponent puts all-in. There is a big difference between hands that you yourself would go all-in with and hands with which you need to call someone else's all-in.

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