Professional poker player - bighusla has played over 5 thousand Spin & Go; on PokerStars plus

Marathons, sidebets and betsRenowned player Hyper-Turbo Heads-Up Spin & Go; under the nickname "bighusla" decided to run a marathon, which eventually won. He stated that after 5 thousand tournaments in the popular Spin & Go format; on PokerStars it will be in the black. As a result, after 5'054 tournaments, his winnings amounted to almost $11'000.

bighusla with this marathon wanted to prove to everyone that in Spin & Go; you can play a plus. Moreover, he also gave valuable advice.

«The most important point that you should always remember if you want to play Spin & Go; plus - it treats each game as if the highest jackpot is at stake. Distance - winning 2x multiplications is just as important as winning 6x

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