Freeroll tournaments at 888 poker

Freerolls 888 Poker - this is a great opportunity to make good money without investment. Such tournaments, unlike usual ones, do not require the participants to pay a buy-in or buy tournament tickets (these are, in fact, the same thing). Real money is raffled off at these freerolls, but participation in the event is completely free. Either every user of the room, or only a certain group of players, can get into such a drawing. We will tell you which freerolls are held on 888 Poker, how to get into them to receive prizes, and what you need to do for this.

Freerolls at 888 Poker

Freerolls 888poker

Free poker tournaments differ in several ways. Basically, freerolls differ in a circle of participants, among which there are:

  • New users of the poker room.
  • Players who have received VIP status as part of the internal loyalty program.
  • Users who have passcodes for private passwords on the platform.
  • Poker players who have deposited a large amount of money.
  • Referral users who created an account using a link through a partner resource.
  • Winners of other tournaments (often tournament tickets or secret codes for such freerolls can be issued as prizes).

For winning such a tournament, a player can receive not only cash on his game account, but also valuable prizes from the poker room. These can be tickets to real poker events (live tournaments), gadgets from the poker room (smartphones, tablets and even laptops have been raffled repeatedly).

Almost every player has a chance to get a prize, freerolls at the poker room are held several times a day, some are active almost every few hours. You can study the schedule directly in the poker client or on the official website of the poker room.

A free tournament is regularly held in the room for users with new accounts - Deposit Freeroll. The freeroll deposit is available for players who have just registered at the poker room. There is a series of seven tournaments with a possible winnings of $ 500 each. The weekly final tournament takes place every Saturday. Anyone who has made a deposit in the previous seven days can become a member. Saturday's prize pool is $ 1,000.

Access to private freerolls

Are you looking for a private tournament code so you can split the prize pool with fewer users so you can win more? In this case, you will need a code to access such a tournament. You can get it in several ways.

888poker facebook freeroll

So, most often, such codes are provided by partner sites. They cooperate with the poker room and run their own branded tournaments. If you regularly visit partner sites, you can find passes to these freerolls there.

On social networks of the poker room, representatives of the platform also often announce closed free tournaments with codes. Please note that you can only trust users who have an account confirmed by the administration (they must have a special icon, depending on the social network).

The poker community also exchanges access codes for freerolls on specialized forums or on the same social networks. Just stay tuned to the news and you will never miss your chance to access the 888 Poker Private Freerolls!

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