In New York can be legalized online poker

In a new bill that addresses specifics online poker games, it is argued that this is, first of all, skill, and not pure luck. This law must be reviewed by a special committee in New York, which is responsible for the classification of gambling.

Mayor of New York for online poker

The mayor of the city, Gary Pretlow, as it turned out, put forward this initiative. Thus, poker can be classified into another category of gambling, where the outcome is largely determined by luck. If this provision is ultimately consolidated, it will make it completely legal to play online poker in New York.

The Gambling Commission also left their comments on which licenses should be given. poker rooms... Most likely, the permission to provide poker services will be available only to those companies that already have the appropriate rights to organize gambling.

At the same time, the operators here undertake to give 15 percent of their income as taxes, receiving these benefits for this. In case of violations, the Gambling Commission may fine the rooms.

Also, the rooms that will receive a license will have to deny access to the client for minors by their own means. Routes must also ensure that all players are in the United States.

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