Stephen Chidwick wins first US Poker Open tournament

Stephen Chidwick won the first US Poker Open 2019 tournament. The win earned the champion $216,000. This is the third English USPO title in the past two years.

Stiven Chidvik- wiiner of US Poker Open 2019

“This is my favorite episode now. I am extremely focused and ready to show the best poker I can play. The guys at Aria and Poker Central have done a great job. A hundred thousand dollars for the best player in the series is a great idea, and many more just enjoy playing at Poker Go Studios, so they share the series with friends and colleagues. It seems to me that every year the fields will only get bigger, ”Stephen says cheerfully.

The Englishman had five US players at the final table: Sean Winter ($157,000), Joseph Chong ($112,000), Joseph Cappello ($90,000), Lazaro Hernandez ($72,000) and Joseph Orsino ($54,000).

There are nine more tournaments in the USPO schedule. One of them has already started and reached the final table.

The second event in the series is the Pot Limit Omaha tournament. 64 players are registered in it. Steve failed to continue his winning streak.

Jordan Christos came out with the biggest stack on the second day. On his heels are the founder of the series and a frequent guest of the most expensive tournaments Keri Katz, a guest from Germany Manik Loesser, Martin Zamani, vice-champion of the first event Sean Winter and Adam Hendrix.

The latter came out on the second day with two BBs. Champion awaits $179 000

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