From the world on the map: what's the news in the poker community?

Another proof that poker has become a part of life can be found in the huge number of news stories associated with it. At first glance, many of them have nothing to do with the favorite game of millions, but in reality it turns out that poker has a lot to do with it.

Jamie kerstetter

Here, for example, another crazy bet: Jamie Kerstetter promised that he will spend this whole year in strict abstinence from animal products, for which he hopes to receive ten thousand dollars. What does poker have to do with it? Yes, despite the fact that Kerstetter himself is a famous player, and Bill Perkins, who made him fit into this dispute, played it professionally until he became a billionaire.

And if you add to them Daniel Negreanu, who does not need the recommendations of a poker pro and a vegan, and his whole army of Twitter followers, it turns out that all this hype is primarily for the benefit of the game. After all, all these people, by and large, are what we call poker.

Another piece of news was presented to the poker community Hendon Mob. In general, they can claim the title of the main producer of records and achievements - it is from their initiative that the lucky ones who get into the prizes not only began to title the real grinders, but also lead their rating.

John Cherno

To date, the honorable first line in this list is occupied by John Cernuto, who plays under the pseudonym Miami. He has been in big poker for more than three decades - since 1987, and although during all this time his largest win was just over 259 thousand dollars at a time, he recently surpassed Men Nguyen and became a prize-winner for the four hundred and ninety times!

But this is an example of success stretched out over time, and if we are talking about an upstrike, then you should immediately remember about Lex Veldhus. The current year has become not only successful for him, but downright phenomenally lucky: at the moment Veldhus has already won three victories in quite prestigious tournaments!

And, of course, the third consecutive European stage of the World Series of Poker can be considered the victory of King's - yes, the WSOPE will be held in Rozvadov again! And for the third time, the hospitable casino will welcome the participants of as many as ten events, for the victory in which the signature World Series of Poker bracelet is due.

It is not known exactly when the tournaments will take place, but it is planned that they will take place from October 15 to November 4. However, the date of the Main Event has already been set: it will take place on October 25, and its guaranteed prize pool will be five million euros.

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