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Phil Galfond talks about the first week of Run It Once. So far, everything is going well, even better than the team of the room expected. Phil thanks everyone for their support, feedback and promises to continue working towards a bright future for online poker.

Phil Galfon on Run It Oceans

In a short interview, Phil spoke about the unique features of RIO, plans for the near future and explains why the room should be run not by a businessman, but by a professional player.

What are the advantages of "RIO" that the room is run not by a businessman, but by a professional player?

The world of poker creates challenges that I think players are best at solving. The decisions that have to be made are not always simple and obvious. They often require thinking outside the box and a deep understanding of the game.

I am responsible for the decisions that are made at Run It Once. The community knows and trusts me, and I, in turn, is ready to listen to the players and honestly explain to them what we are doing and why.

How is RIO different from other rooms?

Splash The Pot. Our loyalty program brings 51% rake back into play. We add random amounts to random banks. This money is not raked and can be won by any player at the table. This makes the game more fun and creates interesting dynamics.

streamR. Additional loyalty program for streamers. Thanks to it, players who broadcast their game on "Twitch" or "Youtube" can immediately receive cashback 75%. We're ready to return over 100% to the most popular and dedicated streamers.

Dynamic avatars and HUD ban. We don't have HUDs, but we have a built-in dynamic avatar system. This means that the pictures of the players change depending on their style of play.

Tell us about the positive and negative feedback you received in your first week of work?

One player wrote to me:

“Phil - I'm an amateur. When I play on RIO, I feel comfortable and safe. I've never had so much fun playing online. I'm going to bring all my action to RIO. "

There was some negative feedback too, but fortunately, it was about problems that we already know about.

What improvements are ahead for RIO in the near future?

We're going to perfect cash games and we still have a lot to work on.

We are planning to add other types of games to the arsenal of the room: SNGs, tournaments and expensive tables, but I cannot name a specific time frame. I don't want to promise the impossible.

Anything you would like to add?

I want to thank the community for their support. Anyone who has recommended RIO to friends and subscribers. Thank you for the positive feedback you leave on the forums and social networks. Thank you for believing in us. Know that we are working for a brighter future for online poker and your support is helping us.

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