A simple prison officer thanks to his prize package will fly to the Caribbean Poker Party

Not so long ago, due to the terrible hurricane "Dorian" in the Bahamas, several islands with resorts were virtually destroyed, and this is one of the strongest such cyclones that have been noticed for the entire time of observation. As a result, 70 people died here, and the total damage reached $ 8.3 billion.

Annually room partypoker travels to the Bahamas to host its signature Caribbean Poker Party live streak. It is now more important than ever to help the Bahamas. For example, participants in the series can spend $ 100 on an entry fee to a special charity tournament in which the room will not hold rake. All the money that will be received at this event will go to charitable needs to help those people who have suffered from this accident. At the same time, here you can simply take part in the promotion, where every player who paid at least $ 10 on the JustGiving website automatically becomes a participant in the drawing of a special prize package for the Caribbean Poker Party tournament series, which costs $ 6,000.

Charity event from PartyPoker

As a result, during the second action, the room was able to raise 73.5 thousand dollars for charitable purposes. Tom Smith, who lives in the West Midlands, also participated. It is he who will receive his prize package for the series participant. Tom himself said in his comment that when he saw the news on Twitter about the raging hurricane, he immediately thought that he, too, could take part in this action. At the same time, he says that he does not have much money, but still he just likes to help other people in trouble. In addition, an interesting prize for 6 thousand dollars was raffled here. Now it is he who will go to the Bahamas for the series, and his prize package includes:

  • Payment of the entry fee for the mini-version of the Main Event, which costs 1.1 thousand dollars;
  • 9 nights accommodation in the prestigious Baha Mar hotel;
  • An additional $ 600 that he can spend on site;
  • At the same time, the room will pay 2 thousand dollars for its expenses related to the road to this place.

Tom is now 34 years old and has a fiancée, Natalie, and sons, James and George. In his main job, Tom works as a clerk in a prison, and in the evenings he enjoys participating in the poker hands, and he plays quite successfully.

Like many other poker players from England, he began to play more often after various television broadcasts. He liked to watch Simon Trumper, Marcel Luske, and other famous poker players who fought for a lot of money, while Tom, at 16, was just practicing playing for play chips, devoting a lot of time to it.

When he reached the age of 18 (and it was at this moment that people in England are allowed to play poker), he began to visit casinos in his city often, participating in tournament games for 10 pounds sterling. Quite quickly, poker turned into his main hobby, because he was in the casino for 5 out of 7 days of the week. Then he moved to Blackpool, where he could play every day, thanks to which he was able to greatly improve his skills in playing No Limit Hold'em.

This is Tom's second time attending the Caribbean Poker Party live streak at partypoker. At the same time, last year he managed to get to this game, having won his prize package in a very strange way. He was a satellite bubble boy that time, but he knew the winning poker player Ben. A few days after his loss happened, he decided to check with Ben whether he would go on the trip alone, or take someone with him. To this Ben replied that he was going alone. Here Tom was able to find the strength to offer him his company, to which Ben immediately agreed.

At the same time, when Tom nevertheless reached the Bahamas, Ben stopped answering him for a while. And yet everything went well, because he ended up receiving a message with the room number. When Tom entered the room, he saw a man with whom he had never met or even really communicated. As Tom himself says, this is the power of the poker community.

At that time, Smith did not manage to show good enough results at the gaming tables, but he had a great rest, having met Ben and with another young poker player Neil. At the same time, Tom said that always, when starting the game, he started with a slight hangover. And yet he came to rest, and therefore tried to enjoy everything that happened to him in this series. On his new trip, he goes with his wife, because now, at last, after the birth of their sons, they can go somewhere together.

Baha Mar in the Caribbean

Smith also said that if in 2020 he again succeeds in picking up the $ 16,000 prize package, he will try to take the children with him, but now he just wants his wife to be able to relax in the Bahamas too. They just want to come here together, because for the first time in 10 years they can get out somewhere alone with each other. Beyond that, Smith really does intend to win the mini version of this Main Event.

He also noted that they simply would not have been able to go here together if his mother, as well as his stepfather and his wife's parents, had not helped them, because all 10 days they would look after their sons. Smith also thanks Rob Young and all the other organizers of this live series. At one time, he was able to take 10th place in the MILLIONS tournament, which cost a thousand pounds. Now he wants to improve his result. He intends to spend most of the time playing, as well as on the beach with his favorite beer in his hands.

Other partypoker users are welcome to take this trip to the Bahamas as well, as 5 prize packages of $ 16K are drawn every week on Sundays. At the same time, you cannot go to the satellite by direct payment for a ticket, that is, here you need to go through the grid of qualifying tournaments, and you can start from those games that cost only $ 2.2. However, starting October 26th, it will host qualifying satellites for the $ 1,050 CPP MILLIONS Main Event every day. Here you can get a ticket for 10.3 thousand dollars on online day 1 + 2.

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