$ 8,800 Snowfall Prizes begins at 888 Poker

In honor of the New Year holidays, the poker room 888 Poker launches a special promotion, in which all users of the service can take part. During it, it will be possible to win a lot of interesting prizes and tickets to major tournament competitions of the "eights".

According to the rules of the promotion, users just need to update the Snowball Spinner section in their game client every day in order to get a chance to get their coveted prize. Other prizes include entry to the 3,000 Warm Up Freeroll, a special tournament competition. If the player is able to successfully complete the 888 Poker side missions, he could also get a pass to the $20,000 Ice Cold Freeroll. All these events start every week, and by entering them you can compete for big wins.

888poker winter bonanza

Special missions

Freeroll tickets will be awarded to those players who can successfully complete the platform tasks, which can be taken once a week. There are two different missions to choose from, completing which, you can get to tournaments with large guaranteed funds:

  • In the first case, the player must score 50 wins at any NLH money tables in those games where the big blinds start at five cents. In this case, the game must be attended by at least four participants. Winnings in SNAP format hands are also counted;
  • Under the terms of another mission, you can simply participate in any tournament competition, even if it is BLAST with entry fees of $ 20 or more. At the same time, you cannot use a rebuy to complete the mission.

All 888 Poker users can complete these tasks if they have funded their account at the site at least once, and all players can choose the missions that suit them the most. The $20,000 Ice Cold Freeroll tournament itself starts every Sunday at 11 pm Moscow time zone. The $3,000 Warm Up Freeroll will start every day at 3 pm and 9 pm Moscow time. This 888 Poker promotion is available starting December 18th and ending on February 5th.

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