And again, cards down: PokerStars launched 6+

In recent years, it has become especially fashionable to invent new variations on the theme of the game, which are based on an artificially reduced deck - supposedly "extra" cards are simply removed from it. This leads to the emergence of other formats with different rules, a different strategy and different perspectives.

Succumbing to the general trend Pokerstars introduced 6+ - our own version of poker with a truncated deck, existing in the form of an online version, which can be played in the room client. In this format, as in similar ones, there are no twos, threes, fours and fives, but the Stars would not be themselves if they had not endowed their brainchild with other features.

Six plus holdem

They represent the following new poker rules:

  • Ante is mandatory for all participants in the distribution;
  • The blinds have acquired a new structure, and the big player must bet the player on the button;
  • The ratios of the value of combinations have changed - flushes have become more expensive than full houses and sets, since the latter have become easier to collect, and the lowest straight at 6+ is a sequence from an ace, in this case, playing the role of five, to nine.

The difference between equity and antes has also become smaller, and has led to an increase in the popularity of new poker with a truncated deck. A lot of emotions and an abundance of events put the new format on a par with high roller tournaments, and this cannot but rejoice, because 6+ is much cheaper, and therefore more affordable.

According to Chris Stragalis, director of poker products at PokerStars, this kind of traditional hold'em is not too different from its classic version, but it offers new opportunities. In any case, the top manager emphasized, the feedback from the players invariably works, and all wishes and suggestions are carefully studied.

You can play 6+ directly in the lobby of the PokerStars poker client - the corresponding tables are located in 6-max format and have been operating since mid-January. Well, and see how it is done in order to understand how it works - in numerous broadcasts, which are specially organized by PokerStars Ambassadors in their Twitch accounts.

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