PokerDom Poker Room Review

An up-to-date review of PokerDom will convince you to cast aside all doubts about choosing a site for playing poker. When you first start playing online, it seems difficult to dwell on one single room. But initially the right choice will help in the future to earn real money and quickly raise the level of professionalism in the game.

The young PokerDom room is an ideal choice for poker players from the post-Soviet countries. Here you can play for rubles, enjoy convenient software and be sure of the safety of your money. Moreover, in February 2019, the bonus system was updated and a new loyalty program entered into force. Read about everything in our material.

What is attractive software and how to install it

The room offers a quick and free download of the client to a computer or mobile device. Of course, each user can choose whether to use the flash version or the installed application. We advise you to spend a few minutes installing a quality PokerDom client.

To install the application, open a browser, go to the official PokerDom website in the "Poker" section and click on the "Download the application" link. The system will immediately detect your software and the download of software for Windows or Mac will begin. Run the file on your computer, mark the necessary settings and wait for the installation to complete. Open the client and start playing!

The benefits of software you will find in many ways. Firstly, the client is fully Russian-speaking, and if you have questions, you can also contact support in Russian.

Secondly, the software is made thoughtfully and functionally. A new user will quickly figure out the lobby. And you can configure different things: the look and design of tables, animation, shortcut keys.

Thirdly, the simplicity of the necessary cash transactions - whether it is depositing cash or cash out. By the way, you can replenish your account in RUB through a plastic card, in bitcoins or any other currency, using one of the proposed options for online payment systems.

The choice of poker disciplines will also please fans of an interesting game. Introduced the popular unlimited Texas Hold'em and two more options with limits, Omaha, 7-card Stud, Chinese poker, Americana and Draw.

In addition, the tournament grid is replete with variety. You can stay at the satellites, tournaments Knockout Bounty or Windfall Tournaments, choose freerolls. Freerolls are competitions without a tournament fee, which you can participate in daily. And the result of a successful game will be not just a pumped skill, but also large prize money.

Bonuses and a new loyalty program

As soon as you decide to seriously get involved in poker, the question of replenishment arises. To do this simply through the "Cashier". On the first deposit, PokerDom gives its customers the opportunity to increase the amount deposited by 150%. The only condition: the amount should be from 400RUB to 20000RUB. Having replenished your account, proceed to the game and earn points. You will receive this fully refunded bonus when you earn 4 times more points than the amount of the expected bonus.

From the beginning of February 2018, the PokerDom Friends program began to work in the room. The bottom line is simple: bring a friend into the game and get a reward for it. Also, if a new user is registered through your friend, the bonus will be credited to you as well. For example, for the first friend you will get $50, for the second half half - $25, etc. The amounts are significant, but they can only be used for real money bets.

The new PokerDom loyalty program says this: players will receive part of the cashback and gifts instantly, and not just on Mondays. To do this, you need to gain "freebie points", actively playing at the tables. Having gained 150 points, you will receive a reward of 10RUB, and more than 50,000 points - 15000RUB. A freebie at PokerDom also provides for special promotions for players with the appropriate rank. There is something to strive for!

We hope our review at PokerDom answered all the questions, and choosing a decent room for the game is now as easy as shelling pears.

Go to the official site of PokerDom https // and start playing in the best poker room of the CIS!

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