Strategy for the CIS

Strategy for the CIS

Book author: Colleen Moshman
Tongue: Russian

In 2003, Colleen Moschman received an honors degree in theoretical mathematics from Kaltek. In the same year he started playing no-limit cash hold'em with blinds $0.25 / $0.5 and $6 SNG. By the time he hit 215 CIS, he had dropped out of postgraduate economics and focused entirely on his career as a CIS player.

The book “CIS Strategy. Expert recommendations for single-table poker tournaments ”examines the strategy of playing at all stages: low, medium and high blinds, choosing starting hands, playing postflop, stealing and restealing, playing at the short table, playing the bubble, etc. The book contains 155 examples of playing situations (with explanations) on the topics discussed.

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