Razz on Sklansky

Razz Sklansky cover

Author: David Sklansky.

Razz has its own very interesting subtleties, little known among the players. Therefore, with the help of the Sklansky Razz book, a good poker player can become an expert in Razz. However, there is another reason why this book should be read by those players who do not plan to play Razz. The point is that many general poker concepts and principles are best illustrated with the example of Razz. For this reason, Razz is the only game in which hand reading is not so important.

Pay attention to the online poker room Pokerstars, in which there is a large selection of Razz games - there are both cash games and tournaments.

We also draw your attention to the fact that the opportunity to download for free is provided for informational purposes! It is highly recommended to buy this book.


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