WSOP 2004: coverage

A little information about the tournament:

The prize pool for the 2004 WSOP is 24,214,400$.

The number of participants is 2576 players.

DAY FIVE (May 27)

12:00 pm

There are 32 players left.

Blinds 10.000-20.000$, 3000$ ante.

Bradley Berman is knocked out by 32nd Greg Raymer. Berman went all-in with 6-6 against AK Reimer. Table Q-3-Q-К-9.

12:16 pm

Julian Gardner is knocked out by the 31st Dewey Archer. Before the flop, Archer all-in with QQ against Gardner's KQ. The flop hit KJ-8, giving Gardner top pair and Archer a flush on the side. The fourth was red 5. The river was the ace of the cross that gave Archer a flush.

1:09 pm

Matthias Andersson goes all-in before the flop with AK against Josh Arie's 7-7. Table 3-A-K-Q-8. Andersson doubles the capital - 900000$.

1:17 pm

Matt Lefkowitz is knocked out by the 29th Matt Dean. 6-6 Lefkowitz all-in versus Dean's QQ before the flop did not succeed first.

2:20 pm

Blinds 12.000-24.000$, ante 4.000$.

Matthias Andersson knocked out Martin Feijo 28th. Feijo went all-in with A-5 in hearts against Andersson's AKs of diamonds. Table 10-JQ-8-4 multicolored

2:55 pm

Eduard Scharf knocks out Eric van der Burg 27th. Scarf's AQ versus Burg's A-10. Table 2-9-4-5-Q.

3:00 pm

Chris Fergussen is knocked out by Matthias Andersson. With 137.000$ Ferguson goes all-in with A-10 against Anderson's 5-5. Table 6-K-5-7-J. Matthias Seth destroys Chris.

3:10 pm

Davin Anderson is knocked out by Greg Reimer 25th. Chip leader Reimer now has $3.5 million.

3:26 pm

Hung La knocked out David Truong in 24th. Truong moved all-in with 5-5 against La's pair of jacks. Table Q-8-7-2-6.

3:58 pm

Jason Saggle and Hung La are knocked out by Mike McClain. Saggle moved all-in and La did the same after him. Fullerton hesitated for several minutes, but still passed. McClain answered. Sagle had A-10, La A-K, McClain K-K, table 7-5-2-Q-8. After the deal, Fullerton showed his hand AQ, which meant Suggle and La were buying a single ace.

4:08 pm

Greg Raymer knocked out Scott Carpenter 21st.

4:12 pm

Bob Jarrett is knocked out by 20th Kevin Bott. Jarrett's A-8 versus Bott's 3-3 all-in before the flop. Table 7-5-2-J-9.

4:17 pm

Richard Fullerton is knocked out by Al Crookes.

Harry Dimetru is knocked out by Josh Arie.

Since both were knocked out in the same deal, they tied for 18th place. Each will receive 147.500$.

5:05 pm

Blinds 20.000-40.000$, ante 5.000$.

Kevin Bott knocked out Gary Jones 17th. Before the flop, Jones moved all-in with A-9 against AK Bott. Table 8-J-2-4-3.

6:33 pm

William Erickson left the tournament 16th. David Williams with AQ answered Erickson's all-in with 9-9. Table A-x-x-10-5.

6:43 pm

Matt Dean goes all-in before the flop with a pair of jacks. Josh Arie answers him with AK. The flop is 8-8-4 two crosses. The fourth is the ace cross, giving Aria top pair, but Dean has a jack of the cross and can count on a flush. Arie does not have a cross. Everyone is waiting for the river. 7 crosses! Flash Dean! He took about $2.5 million in chips.

The tension at the final tables is becoming significant. The prize money is growing by leaps and bounds.

7:08 pm

Break. The game will resume at 8.15 rm.

DAY SIX (May 28).

The game is resumed after the break.

8:20 pm

Blinds 20.000-40.000$, ante 5.000$.

8:35 pm

John Murphy raised significantly after Greg Raymer raised before the flop. Greg moved all-in. John hesitates. Finally he passes. Reimer showed cards 10-8.

8:48 pm

Greg Raymer knocked out Edward Scharf in 15th. Scarf went all-in with KQ versus Greg's QQ. Table J-9-4-7-4. For 15th place, Scarf received $275.000.

8:55 pm

John Murphy got Josh Arie to check-raise his all-in and won a decent pot $600.000.

9:50 pm

Matt Dean knocked out Kevin Bott in 14th. Bott moved all-in before the flop with A-6. Dean, having AJ, answered. Table J-9-7-8-6. For 14th place, Bott earned $275.000.

10:00 pm

Matt Dean collects scalps. John Murphy is knocked out this time. Dean raised $400.000 before the flop, Murphy re-raised all-in over $2 million! Dean considered. The tournament manager announced the time. Finally Dean said, "I answer." Murphy showed AK, Dean JJ. Table 2-J-9-5-A opened. Matt Dean won a huge pot of $4.9 million!

10:40 pm

Blinds 25.000-50.000$, ante 5.000$.

10:42 pm

James Grimes is knocked out by Josh Arie. Grimes moved all-in before the flop with Q-10. Arie answered with AQ. Table 4-J-6-KJ. For 12th place, Grimes received $373.000.

10:48 pm

Dewey Archer is knocked out 11th. Josh Arie took over the bouncer role again. Archer moved all-in before the flop with QQ against Josh's AK. Table 6-7-A-6-A. Arie now has over $4 million. For 11th place, Archer received $373.000.

10:55 pm

Play is paused until all 10 remaining players have moved to the final table.

Players have the following chip count at the final table:

seat 4. Greg Raymer - $5,405,000

seat 5. Matt Dean - $4,490,000

seat 2. Josh Arie - $4,450,000

seat 7. Glen Hughes - $1,970,000

seat 8. David Williams - $1,850,000

seat 3. Al Crooks - $1,770,000

seat 9. Marcel Lusquet - $1,690,000

seat 6. Dan Harrington - $1,510,000

seat 1. Matthias Andersson - $1,205,000

seat 10 Michael McClain - $1,075,000

11:20 pm

The game resumed.

11:40 pm

Daniel Negranu named Player of the Year. Spectators and players applaud Daniel.

12:05 pm

Glen Hughes raises $200.000 on the button. Marcel Lusquet moves all-in from the big blind - $960.000 on top. Luske begins to place his chips in the giant wall in the middle of the table. His face betrays excitement. He bites his lip and frowns. Hughes continues to think. Luske begins to wipe his sunglasses with a tie out of boredom. Hughes continues to think. Marcel leans back in his chair, closes his eyes, seemingly asleep. Finally, Hughes folds. He flips 9-9 and asks Luske to show his cards. The crowd wants to see them too! Luske reluctantly reveals his AJ multi-colored cards. There is applause.

12:50 pm

It's been two hours since Dewey Archer flew out 11th and the boredom, apparently, will not be until the end. Many fear the late timing, as tomorrow's final table game will last, no doubt, until morning.

01:00 am

Marcel Lusquet knocked out 10th. Dan Harrington raised $150.000 and Luske answered. The flop came 6-8-Q all crosses. Harrington checked and Luske moved all-in for $700.000. Harrington thought, checked his cards, and answered. Luske showed 4-4 one of the fours - a cross. Harrington had an ace of crosses and a jack of diamonds. The jack of hearts fell fourth, with 8 spades on the river. Harrington won with a pair of jacks. After the deal, Harrington noticed that when he checked the flop he thought he had an ace of spades. He was about to fold, but decided to check his cards again. Having found the ace of crosses there, he decided to answer.

The final game will resume later, at 1pm local time

Final table.

seat 4. Greg Raymer $8,215,000

seat 5. Matt Dean $4,920,000

seat 2. Josh Arie $3,205,000

seat 7. Glen Hughes $2,275,000

seat 6. Den Harrington$2,245,000

seat 8. David Williams$1,575,000

seat 3. Al Crooks $1,305,000

seat 9. Michael McClain$885,000

seat 1. Matthias Andersson$740,000

1:40 pm

The game started. Blinds 25.000-50.000$, ante 5.000$.

1:51 pm

Arie won the pot on a Q-8-3 cross-peak-spa flop after five players entered the game in $150,000.

1:56 pm

Greg Raymer knocked out Michael McClane in 9th place.

Delivery number 5. Reimer on the button. McClane raised to $150.000, Raymer re-raised to $500.000 and Michael moved all-in to $800.000. Reimer answers. 10-10 Reimer's pick-tambourine versus McClane's AA pick-tambourine. Table 7-10-J-8-K. Two aces are killed. Cruel surrender. There are 8 of them left.

2:06 pm

Horseshoe Casino has a huge crowd of people, which is not surprising! Huge screens have been installed to broadcast the finale.

2:12 pm

Blinds 30.000-60.000$, ante 10.000$.

2:15 pm

This time Matthias Andersson became the victim of Greg Reimer. He is knocked out 8th.

Delivery number 7. Harrington on the button. From the first position (under the gun) Andersson goes all-in for $670.000. Reimer answers. Andersson A-K has a spade-tambourine, Reimer A-10 has a spade-tambourine. Table Q-7-9-J-8 multicolored The 8 on the river gave Greg a straight. Awesome!

2:28 pm

Delivery number 13. Dean on the loaf. Harrington called on the small blind and Hughes checked. The flop is 3-9-A spade-spade. Harrington bets $100.000, Hughes calls. The fourth is the four of diamonds. Harrington bets $300.000, Hughes thinks and passes.

2:39 pm

Delivery number 18. Crookes on the button. Arie opened for $250.000. Raimer responded. The flop is 4-8-J worm-spades-diamonds. Both check. The King of Diamonds comes out fourth. Reimer hits $350.000. Arie answers. The river is the jack of the cross. Reimer checks and Arie bets $600.000. Reimer folds. Arie now has around $5 million.

2:43 pm

Delivery number 20. Dean on the button. Williams opened for $120.000. Arie raised $500.000, Williams called. Flop A-5-6 diamonds-hearts-cross. Williams check, Arie all-in. Williams responds. Aria has hearts AK, Williams has 5-5 crosses-diamonds. The ace fell fourth. Now Arie can win with ace, king or six on the river. River 10. Williams is doubling his chips.

2:50 pm

Delivery number 21. Harrington on the button. Crookes opened for $250.000 and Raymer raised $865.000, forcing Crookes to go all-in. He answers. Reimer A-K has a heart-tambourine, Crookes has 6-6 pick diamonds. Table J-9-4-A-2, all except jack-spades! Crookes has a runner-runer flash and is doubling his chips to $2 million.

3:23 pm

Delivery number 33. Reimer on the button. Reimer raises to $160.000 and Harrington responds with a big blind. The flop is 7-9-J hearts-spades-crosses. Harrington checks, and Raymer bets $300.000. Harrington moves all-in $950.000 and Greg answers. Harrington has a 9-Q worm-of-tambourine, Reimer AJ cross-spades. The fourth comes the triple cross. Harrington is saved only by a queen or a nine. Everyone's waiting for the river. The river has 9 diamonds! Harrington doubles his chips with a set of nines.

3:51 pm

Delivery number 42. Harrington on the button. Arie opens for $175.000, with Reimer and Harrington in charge. The spade flop came up 2-8-9. Arie gave $550.000, Raymer called quickly, Harrington folded. The fourth - 9 diamonds. Arie check, Reimer check. The king of hearts on the river. Arie bets $750.000 and Reimer calls. He shows K-8 in diamonds. Arie discards cards in the dark.

4:24 pm

Blinds 40.000-80.000$, ante 10.000$.

4:51 pm

Delivery number 57. Harrington on the button. Arie makes $225.000, Raymer calls and Harrington raises $1,200,000. Everyone folds to Reimer, who says, "Let's give him money," and also folds.

4:55 pm

Delivery number 58. Hughes on the button. Dean opens for $225.000, Arie answers. The flop is K-4-5 worm-spades-diamonds. Arie check. Din $200.000. Arie answers. Fourth three of spades. Arie bets $400.000, Dean raises to $1.1 million. Arie goes all-in. Dean pass. Dean now has the fewest chips at the table at around $1.2 million.

5:13 pm

Matt Dean is knocked out by 7th David Williams.

Delivery number 65. Hughes on the button. Dean opened for $250.000, Williams raised $500.000 and Dean called. The flop is 8-3-8 cross-spades-hearts. Williams bets $300.000, Dean goes all-in and Williams calls. Dean shows A-10 of a heart-tambourine, Williams A-A cross-spades. Dean needs runner 10s to survive. 3 crosses fall and the river brings another ace. Williams now has around $5 million.

5:41 pm

Greg Raymer knocked out Al Crookes in 6th.

Delivery number 78. Williams on the button. Reimer opened $200.000, Arie and Crooks called. The flop is A-K-5 a cross-diamonds-diamonds. Reimer bets $500.000, Arie calls, Crookes raises all-in $925.000 from above. Reimer reraises to $1.5 million. Arie pass. Crookes A-9 has a worm pick, Reimer A-Q has a tambourine worm. Fourth - 3 spades, river - 7 cross. Reimer now has over $10 million.

5:53 pm

Delivery number 82. Harrington on the button. Arie opens $250.000 and Reimer answers. The flop is 6-J-10 cross-cross-hearts. Arie bets $425.000 and Reimer calls. 4th 8 worms. Arie check, Reimer $1.0 million. Arie answers. River 4 cross (there are three crosses on the table). Arie check, Reimer goes all-in. Arie took off his sunglasses, got up and walked. Looked at the $5 million on the line, shook his head. Pass. Reimer won a giant pot and has about $12 million.

6:00 pm

Chip Count:

Greg Raymer - $12 million

Josh Arie - $3.6 million

David Williams - $5 million

Dan Harrington - $2.6 million

Glen Hughes $1.5 million

6:04 pm

Greg Raymer knocked out Glen Hughes 5th.

Delivery number 86. Reimer on the button. Arie opened $225,000, Raymer called, Hughes moved all-in $1.3 million. Arie passes, Reimer responds. Hughes has KQ spades-diamonds, Reimer has 5-5 spades-crosses. Table 4-А-10-10-9 multicolored Hughes had a lot of outs on the river, but missed them. Reimer now has $15 million.

6:35 pm

Dan Harrington is knocked out by David Williams 4th.

Delivery number 99. Reimer on the button. Harrington entered the game on the small blind, Williams checked on the big blind. The flop is 2-5-9 spades-diamonds-ubna. Harrington $250.000 and Williams is in charge. The fourth is the three worms. Harrington check, Williams $500.000. Harrington raised all-in and Williams called. Harrington's 8-6 spade-cross vs. Williams 3-2 cross-cross (two pair). The river has 3 spades. Williams has a full house.

6:40 pm


The game will resume in an hour. All spectators and journalists (except for ESPN media) were taken out of the hall. This is not surprising. Since $50 million are being played!

8:15 pm

Blinds 50.000-100.000$, ante 10.000$.

Resuming the game.

Chip Count:

Greg Raymer - $14,965,000

David Williams - $8,630,000

Josh Arie - $2,100,000

8:22 pm

Josh Arie finished 3rd. He received $2.5 million in cash.

Delivery number 106. Reimer on the button. Raymer opened $250.000, Williams called, Arie all-in. Raymer responded and Williams folded with A-8. Arie had a pair of nines and Raymer had AQ of spades. QJQ-3-4 table.

8:30 pm

The game is paused until the TV cameras are rearranged for a good one-on-one game display.

8.35 pm

Heads-Up One-on-One Game

Greg Raymer $17,125,000

David Williams $8,240,000

8.44 pm

Delivery number 113. Williams on the button. Williams $300.000 and Raymer is in charge. The flop is 5-4-2 spades-diamonds-diamonds. Reimer check, Williams $500.000. Reimer raises $1.6 million. Williams responds instantly. 4th 2 worms. Raymer raised to $1.6 million and Williams called immediately. River 2 Crosses Reamer all-in, Williams in charge! Williams shows A-4 heart-spades, Reimer 8-8 diamonds-cross.

GREG REIMER - Champion of 2004!

Final table prizes:

Greg Raymer - $5,000,000 + Champion Gold Bracelet

David Williams - $3,500,000

Josh Arie - $2,500,000

Dan Harrington - $1,500,000

Glen Hughes - $1,100,000

Al Crooks - $800,000

Matt Dean - $675,000

Matthias Andersson - $575,000

Michael McClain - $470,400

0 0

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