10 poker player mistakes

Successful club poker players aren't wrong because they can't afford it. Mistakes put the game on a different track when things can be done properly. Here are 10 mistakes to avoid like the plague:

Playing in discomfort. Sickness, fatigue, anger and hunger are the main obstacles to good decision making at the gaming table. Do not give vows to play in any state - this is destructive for you.

  1. Play against strong opponents. What makes the game profitable? No matter how well you play any game, the ability of your opponents is a major component of your expected victory. It follows from this that a bad game is one in which you are superior. If you want to win, find a game where you play better than your opponents.
  2. "Wrong" games. Why are they digging this hole for themselves? If you are good at Hold'em, play Hold'em. One very good Omaha player played No Limit Hold'em and explained this (and his losses) by studying the game. Wasn't it better to read the literature first and study the rules?
  3. Uncontrollable emotions. Controlling your emotions does not give opponents a chance to “read” your cards. If you are happy with a good card, you are unlikely to win much money on them. And if you want to bluff, then your opponents will most likely figure you out.
  4. Unreadable opponents. Players who look at their cards all the time rather than at the reaction of their opponents do not engage in one of the main winning tactics. Knowledge of body language and the search for non-verbal signs in opponents is what increases the winning percentage of a professional player.
  5. Not prepared for the game. This is a very common mistake. If you fail to plan, you will plan for your failure. You need to be mentally prepared for each session of the game. If you have problems with your partner, or children, or business, fix them before you sit down at the gaming table. If your thoughts are elsewhere, your money will soon be with others.
  6. Not a focused game. When are most people playing too relaxed? At the beginning of the game, when the strategy and tactics are not yet clear? When do they go to the rush? When do they “feel it”? Not. When they fail or when they are sick. Most people play too loosely when they have to finish the game. You can take advantage of these people as long as you are not on the same train.
  7. The game is too intense. Tense-aggressive play is recommended, but tense-timid play is a losing strategy. If you play fearfully, you will not be effective. Such players only place the initial bet, but do not participate in the further game. Take risks, at least in order to confuse your opponents' idea of your tactics.
  8. The game is too long. This is a serious mistake, and the most common one. Sometimes we play for too long. This marathon is bad for our game and health. Remember, the longer you play, the more confused your thoughts are about making the right decisions in the game.
  9. Playing at too low or too high stakes. If you play on little things, then the winnings will not be very profitable for you. The small value of the chips in your eyes will contribute to the loss. In any case, you will simply waste your time. When playing at high stakes, you will be afraid of a quick and big loss. You will fold more times than you should, or you can even get into debt after answering on a very money bank.

Of course, the main thing, both in the game and in life, is to make the right decision. Your win or loss depends on your ability to make the right decision, at the right time, by the right rules. Making the right decisions and avoiding the 10 above mistakes will give you a great chance of winning.

Source: Azartgames (December 2002)

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